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Washington Bathroom Remodeling
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Washington Shower Replacement


Getting ready for the day or bed is more convenient when you don’t have to face the trouble brought by a broken shower. A professional touch on your new shower is what you need if you desire a clean, safe and classy shower replacement.

Bathroom And Shower RemodelBath Planet has the power to transform every bathroom dream into reality! You can have it customized by choosing from our long list of designs, features, and fixtures. We can also give recommendations based on our experts’ opinions. Whatever starting scheme you pick, rest assured that the end product is worth it.

You never have to get anxious over a leaky and noisy shower or an odd smell. We know how a shower should convert your mood from the moment you enter the bathroom door to the time you make an exit. It should never be the negative way!

Trust that we will deliver a trendy, durable, and cost-effective Washington shower replacement in a fast and precise manner.

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Fast, Affordable Shower Replacement

We understand how important each day is, so we take seriously  the duration of our work. Bath Planet will give you the best shower replacement experience with our skilled team, modern equipment, and abundant resources.

New Bathtub InstallationAfter we provide our premium Washington shower replacement services, we will leave a clean, safe, and fully furnished shower environment where you can already enjoy after a day of work. We respect your time as we value our customers’ necessities and requests, guaranteeing that although we work fast, we will still meet every specification you desire.

Our team can handle either small or large-scale shower projects. At a reasonable cost, we can transform your old bathroom into a more modern, sophisticated, and safe one with the most durable and user-friendly materials. If you aim to change your shower in your master bath, guest bath, or common bath, we are fully equipped with reputable resources and personnel to provide you with your ideal shower.

Say goodbye to all the inconveniences and impending dangers of your old bathroom! The artistic and cautious hands that will craft your envisioned shower will install the necessary amenities to your shower room. We have available furniture, attachments, and supplies that are long-lasting, user-friendly, and require less maintenance.

Functional Shower Conversions

Together with the top design and layout, the functionality of the shower conversions must also be achieved. Based on your lifestyle, you might prefer either a shower or a bath, or both. Our Washington shower replacement services can cater to all of your shower conversion needs and desires.

Custom Shower Remodel & ReplacementBath Planet is composed of experienced and skilled designers and engineers able to complete space planning and material selection at an intended time frame. Within a day, you can already enjoy a new bathroom environment. From bath to shower or shower to bath, your desired transformation is ours to complete and yours to enjoy.

Our functional shower conversions supply you with accessibility and comfort. We prioritize your safety upon deliberation of the most suitable design and arrangement for your shower space. We can foresee probable hazards and make sure to eliminate them the moment you first enter your new and refined shower.

Accessible Shower Updates

We give concern to those families who have special accessibility needs; thus, we include services and fixtures that are beneficial for them. Our Washington shower replacement company is set to provide all your shower preferences and necessities.

Bathtub InstallationOur team can install safe, comfortable, and spacious fixtures in your shower for your disabled, elderly or younger family members. We have durable grab bars, flip-up seats, shower benches, holders, and toilets of different heights. We can also manufacture walk-in and sit in tubs for those who need that convenience. If you want a wheelchair accessible sink, movable showerheads, or a flat threshold, we can provide it for you.

We care for you, your household members’ and guests’ welfare while using the shower. We guarantee that all the work needed to be accomplished is done with competence and with the thought that whoever uses your shower will make the most of it.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

Bath Planet

Letting go is easier when you know you’re up for a better one, so get the better shower for your bathroom now! At Bath Planet, we’ll give you the best, most functional, and improved shower that will meet or even exceed your expectations. We also produce bathroom fixtures with high-quality materials and features that will satisfy your needs and wants.

We can give you tested recommendations and opinions based on our experience. Depending on your preferences, needs, and specificities, our experts will offer the finest bathroom replacement solutions for you. The door of your best bathroom experience is waiting to be opened.

Call Bath Planet at (509) 926-5808 for your Free Consultation!